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The JACKvent Calendar

Save loads this Christmas with The JACKvent Calendar!

Fancy £500?

We've got £500 and one massive present.

Win your Turkey and some goodies!

Fancy winning a Turkey and a lovely Christmas Hamper? What a coincidence.

We'll wrap your presents for you...

Presents = great, wrapping = not great.

Oxford Christmas Market

Back for its 10th anniversary

The Girls on Tour

The Girls of JACK have been out and about...

JACK 3's On WhatsApp

We've bought a smartphone. Very modern. 07458 762222 if you want to say hi on WhatsApp. Or send nudes.

JACK's The Business

We're getting nosey. Tell us your business news and we'll tell the world. (Our listeners.)

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JACK 3 & Chill

When I Need You by Leo Sayer


Calling All The Heroes by It Bites

JACK 2 Hits

No Letting Go by Wayne Wonder