Dig Deep for Homeless Oxfordshire

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We're putting our hands in our pockets, having a rummage and giving what we can - all to support the wonderful work that Homeless Oxfordshire do in our county.


But let's face it. There's more holes in our pockets than anything else. That's why we need you to Dig Deep for Homeless Oxfordshire!


On Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th October, we're going to be live for 12 hours a day at O'Hanlon House in Oxford's city centre for #DigDeep2019.



 We want to break down some of the stigma surrounding homelessness and do what we can to help out our chums at Homeless Oxfordshire. Real people who are dealing with homelessness have shared their stories and journeys with us.


The number of rough sleepers in Oxford has increased 400% since 2012*. It's impossible to ignore the homelessness crisis that can be seen daily on our streets - not just here, but across the country.


Homeless Oxfordshire provides crucial survival needs, such as accommodation for over 200 people a night and serving up 75,000 meals every single year. Through 10 innovative projects, the charity delivers the person-centred support people need to recover from homelessness.

*Housing and Homelessness Strategy 2018 - 2021, Oxford City Council



Support JACK's Dig Deep 2019 and Homeless Oxfordshire to help make a lasting change.


Listen to JACK's Morning Glory and JACKfm throughout the 3rd and 4th October to hear some incredible stories.


And, if you fancy dropping a one-off donation, or setting up a monthly donation, to Homeless Oxfordshire, give this button below a click.



Let's work together to support people out of homelessness for good.


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Killing Of Georgie by Rod Stewart


Killing Of Georgie by Rod Stewart

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Killing Of Georgie by Rod Stewart