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The Helen & Douglas House Radiothon


The Helen & Douglas House Radiothon is over.


And now we've stopped making noise about it, you'll probably become less aware of Helen & Douglas House.


But their work is still going on. Hopefully forever. And your cash will keep helping hundreds of terminally ill children and their families. Please keep them in mind - maybe consider setting up a direct debit and dig deep whenever you can.


Relive the stories from last week. These aren't an easy watch. But they're reality. No sugar-coating here. These are stories that deserve to be heard. Thank you if you chose to listen.




HUGE Donation To Helen & Douglas House

Anonymous donation. And it's massive. James from Polythene (UK) Ltd breaks the news. What can you add? 👇

Posted by JACKfm Oxfordshire on Friday, March 9, 2018


You know it’s been a tough few months for everyone at Helen & Douglas House. They really need your help.




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