Getting Jiggy All Day


Valentine's Day. No love songs on JACK 3.


Instead, we're playing back-to-back making love songs.


JACK 3's Getting Jiggy all day. Songs to pop your cork, bubble your fizz and get you in the mood for a steamy night. Because love is more than cheap cards and petrol station flowers.


Stick the radio on from 9am - on digital radio, or ask that Alexa woman.



Fancy something a bit more raucous? JACKfm's playing back-to-back love songs and break up songs instead. Because love's complicated.


Keep an eye on JACK's social media for the latest.



JACK 3 & Chill

Long And Winding Road by Beatles


Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode

JACK 2 Hits

Flames by David Guetta / Sia