JACK's Morning Glory



We've finally cracked it. We've gone and cloned Trev from JACK's Morning Glory.


Now on JACK 3 at breakfast, an exact replica of Trev does the exact same show - but with relaxed music.


Exactly the same show as JACK, but with more mellow music. Smashing.


Pop your feet up and listen - weekdays from 7am.


Here Come The Girls

Opening the minds of a woman - every weekday morning.

Listen To The Podcast

The "best" bits of the week end up in a weekly podcast. Beats making conversation with people.

30 Minutes Of Ad-Free Music

Chilled music is better without interruptions. So have 30 mins of it, every morning from 8am.

Get Silly With JACK 3

Leave a message on the voicemail for Trev. The sillier, the better. 01865 575 106. Lovely!